Unfinished might just challenge everything you thought you understood about your Christian faith...If every Christian read this book and took it seriously, the world would never be the same again." -Bill Hybels, senior pastor Willow Creek Community Church "Just when I've gotten comfortable with my faith, here comes Rich Stearns, reminding me what matters and who God loves and why...Just when I dare think my work is done, Rich reminds me that we are just getting started." -Max Lucado, pastor and best-selling author "More purpose. More meaning. More life. In Unfinished you discover how your life can be about more." -Elisa Morgan, auth∨ speaker; publisher, www.fulfill.org "Every generation of Christians needs a wake-up call to remind us of how serious and strenuous are the demands of discipleship. May Rich Stearns's Unfinished be that alarm for our time." -David Neff, editorial vice president, Christianity Today So you believe in God. Now what? Just before he left, Jesus sent his follower into the world with a revolutionary mission: to change the world by proclaiming God's truth and demonstrating his incredible love. But the single task he gave us to accomplish remains unfinished . Rich Stearns takes us on a breathtaking journey to rediscover the critical mission of Christ in our world today and the richness of God's calling on our lives. Why are we here, what is our purpose, and where do we fit in the bigger story that God is writing? How should our faith affect our careers, our money, our families, and our lives? And why does it matter? We will find our deepest purpose only when we discover the unique role God created for us to play in his unfolding story.What do you do after you believe? Imagine the shock felt by Jesus' disciples. They had witnessed the unprecedented drama ofthe Incarnation of God in the person of Jesus, his remarkable miracles, hisbrutal death and then-beyond all belief-his stunning resurrection from thedead. Their leader and Messiah was aliveagain and would lead them to redeem his people. But then, as suddenly as he had appeared, Jesus just left. It was over. Or was it? Before Jesus left he entrusted his disciples-and us-witha critical mission: to launch a spiritual and social revolution that wouldturn the world upside down. We were togo to the far corners of the earth to proclaim the gospel and demonstrate thelove of God to a hurting and hostile world. Jesus called this mission "'the advance of thekingdom of God", and when the job was done,He promised to return. But two thousand years later the mission remains unfinished. This book is aninvitation to discover the life that God created you to live. It's not about failure and guilt but moreabout opportunities and joy, because God doesn't coerce us-he invitesus. He offers meaning, fulfillment, andsignificance in our lives but always gives us the option to decline, and sadly,many do. It is time to rediscover our calling. It is time to relaunch.

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