The (un) Official Church Staff Manual: Youth Pastor Edition by Mark Riddle

Whether they are pushed out the door or they run from the church building screaming, youth pastors are (unfortunately) notorious for having short-lived stays in their ministry positions. It's often a result of misunderstandings or miscommunications, but it's an epidemic that can be avoided, however, if youth pastors know the guidelines for success in the most challenging and exciting position in the church. Armed with years of youth ministry experience and the spiritual gift of sarcasm, Mark Riddle has created The (un) Official Church Staff Manual: Youth Pastor Edition. As Mark shares a few of his own successes and mistakes, you'll find some of the most important lessons you'll learn as a youth pastor, including:

* How to brown-nose your senior pastor * How to talk an eighth-grade girl down from a sugar high * How to listen * How to survive a surprise parent meeting * How to promote a rock concert * How to make friends in a new city.

Make sure you've got the tools to get the job done right in youth ministry. This book offers life lessons that will guide you through the most serious and the silliest parts of being a youth pastor.


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