The Sound Mind Investing Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide to Managing Your Money from a Biblical Perspective Paperback

A carefully created next step guide that helps you put Godly principles of finance in motion

About the Author:

AUSTIN PRYOR is a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and graduated from the University of Kentucky where he received a B.S. degree in Banking and Finance in 1967. Pryor founded his own investment management firm, Forum Investment Counselors, in 1978 where he saw his average client account more than triple in value during its first five years of operations. He is an American financial writer, speaker, and radio personality whose work focuses on investment counseling from an evangelical Christian point of view. In 1990 he founded the Sound Mind Investing newsletter to help Christians apply biblical financial and investing principles in specific ways to their personal situations. His written articles appear regularly on as well as the Crosswalk, Christian Broadcasting Network, and Crown Financial Ministries websites.Pryor has been married to his wife, Susie, for 50 years; they have three grown children and ten grandchildren.


I have had the privilege of knowing Austin Pryor since the beginning of my Christian life. There are few that I have as much respect for and confidence in than Austin. His counsel in the investment area has proven to be extraordinarily wise and discerning over a long time period. I can recommend this book without hesitation as a 'must read' for anyone interested in investing in very uncertain economic times. I consider it a privilege to be able to make this recommendation.-Ron Blue - Founding Partner of Ronald Blue & Co.

If you're looking for an attractive easy-to-follow investment guide written in plain English, look no further. Austin Pryor writes without vested interests in any specific plan or fund. This means greater candor and objectivity. I'm frankly skeptical of a lot of stuff coming out of the financial realm with its short-term 'for this life only' perspective. Austin is a man with a larger and better perspective. May every reader seek to make wise investments of money and time in God's kingdom, investments that will pay off not only in this life, but in the eternal life to come!-Randy Alcorn - Director of Eternal Perspective Ministries / Author of Money, Possessions & Eternity

When I wrote The Glorious Journey I had to include a quote by Austin Pryor in my book. Here is a man of great insight who has the ability to make difficult subjects easy to comprehend. It is obvious that Sound Mind Investing combines Biblical wisdom with very practical and understandable application. Anyone would profit from reading this book.-Dr. Charles F. Stanley - Senior Pastor / First Baptist Church of Atlanta

I have known Austin Pryor for over 30 years now, and I regard him as a good friend. I have found his counsel to be both biblical and practical. I know of no other individual with whom I would consult with more confidence on the subject of mutual fund investing than Austin. If you will spend the time to read carefully the counsel Austin provides, you will find it both time and money well spent.-Larry Burkett (1939-2003) - Co-Founder / Crown Financial Ministries

In the same way that I am no economist, I'm not exactly an investment wizard either. That's why I am a huge fan of Austin Pryor, author of The Sound Mind Investing Handbook and his monthly newsletter. Everything I know about investing I learned from Austin Pryor.-Mary Hunt - Founder and Editor / Debt-Proof Living


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