The power of the tithe: 18 reasons for tithing, 29 powerful blessings of the tithe, Tithing in the New Testament by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

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In recent times the subject of tithing, as taught in the Bible has sparked more debate, raised questions and provoked several reactions, some of which relate to the necessity of tithing. Questions include ‘Is tithing necessary?’ ‘Was it meant for New Testament believers, or is it strictly for people under Mosaic laws?’ Could it be that it may have been abrogated with the Levitical laws which were fulfilled when Christ was crucified? Are we subject to the same curses which the Old Testament says were if they did not bring the tithe?” In this book, I will attempt to exegete the subject and clarify the three times where we see that tithing was practiced in the Bible. That is: before the law of Moses, secondly, as established by the law of Moses and thirdly under the covenant of grace where we see Jesus aligning Himself with the priesthood of Melchizedek.

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