This book is about a man named Thomas Hunter in Denver, colorado 2010, who, after being knocked unconscious from a bullet wound to the head, wakes up to find himself in a strange world full of black, twisted trees. After being attacked by evil bats called Shataiki and led out of the Black Forest by a white bat, he is rendered unconscious again due to blood loss. He wakes up to find himself back in Denver.

Startled at the sudden change, he can’t figure out which world is real. He soon discovers that every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in the other world, until he falls asleep there.

Outside of the Black Forest is the Colored Forest, a paradise inhabited by a civilization of immortal-yet innocent-human beings who are watched over by Elyon, a God-like being, along with white, bat-like Roush, who are opposites of the Shataiki and act as servants of Elyon.

Thomas eventually finds out that this other world is our own thousands of years in the future, and that a virus, mutated from the Raison vaccine, would wipe out his present-day Earth later that year.

Thomas is forced to fight evil in both worlds, a difficult prospect, for while evil is portrayed differently in each reality, it is equally as potent, and Thomas quickly finds that putting a stop to an event of apocalyptic proportions is no easy task


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