Praying with the Kings by Elmer L. Towns

Enrich your prayer life today!

Learning how prayers of the kings were answered gives royal insight into another dimension of God’s faithfulness and mercy.

Praying With the Kings continues Elmer Towns’ successful series on how to pray through the Scriptures. Focusing on First and Second Kings and Second Chronicles, you will learn much about yourself and your heavenly Father. Key topics include personal obedience, compromise, and idolatry; the powerful effect of political and spiritual leaders on a nation; and the sovereignty and judgment of God.

Three important lessons are shared throughout Praying With the Kings:

  1. • First, human values are faulty, even when they do good some of the time, or even, when they do good most of the time. Lord, may I learn from their mistakes.
  2. • Second, God continually rules His people in spite of the weaknesses or failures of His leaders and His people. Lord, help me look beyond human foibles to see Your power.
  3. • Third, God’s power and glory is manifested in those who obey God. But also, God’s power is manifested in His judgment of those kings who disobeyed God and chased after idols and gave themselves to corruption. Lord, I will learn obedience as I read about Your punishment of those who disobeyed You. Amen.

Praying With the Kings is the fourteenth book in the series, Praying the Scriptures. This inspirational series by well-known author and respected Liberty University dean and professor Dr. Elmer Towns, provides you the opportunity to walk closely with kings and The King of kings.


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