Miracle Working Faith: Experience the Fullness of God in Your Daily Life - Tommy O'dell

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The Bible is a miracle book, filled with stories of mighty supernatural events. If you removed from the Bible all references to God’s miracles, you would have a much thinner Bible and the main themes of faith would become meaningless. Author Tommy O’Dell believes that God is as eager to display His awesome power today as He was in the days of the apostle Paul. Every time that God does something wonderful in your life, it is like a continuation of the book of Acts. Marvelous new chapters are being written daily.Through this book, you will learn that everything that God does to you, He wants to do through you. You will learn to keep your eyes on the Lord who saved you and He will help you shine your light where the darkness seems to be the most impenetrable. Packed with stories from miracle crusades, your faith will be inspired and you will understand that the Lord is ready to work a miracle on your behalf!

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