Joyful Parent = Happy Home: 14 Insights to Parenting with Joy by Mary Hudson

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Do you get angry at your children easily? Do you often feel like giving up and throwing in the towel? You don’t have to react like this anymore.

Mary Hudson shows your how you as a parent can move past your feelings and love your children despite their actions. Joyful Parent = Happy Home will encourage you to love your way into your kids’ world. Unconditional love is your primary ingredient to becoming a joyful parent.

You will be surprised and get a brand-new view of parenting when you appropriate a brand-new attitude in your home. When you encourage your child to have a vision for his future, it changes his way of looking at life. When you remind them that the world will use and abuse them, that God will never fail them, it gives them hope. Start speaking life to your children no matter what they are up against.


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