Integrity of God's Word CD Series - Kenneth Copeland

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In Integrity of God’s Word, Kenneth Copeland shows you how to build an unshakeable life on the Word that is not only always accurate, timely and pertinent, but which is also filled with power to change your world. This series will establish you in the Bible realities that God’s Word:



    • Has an integrity that is beyond reproach,
    • Is like the nature of God—it does not change,
    • Is God’s bond, and He will not break it,
    • Is the substance God used to create what is seen,
    • Is the incorruptible seed from which you were born again, and
    • Will produce for you just as it did when God first spoke it.


The time to act on the Word is not after sickness, poverty or disaster strikes. It’s now. Use the principles in Integrity of God’s Word to make your life disease-proof, lack-proof and disaster-proof. When you make the quality decision to stand on God’s Word, you build a house no flood or storm of life can destroy.


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