Easy Way to Walk in the Spirit: Hearing God's Voice, Following His Direction by Larry Huggins

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How can you be assured that all of your decisions are in line with the wisdom and will of God? How can you know that you are at the right place at the right time, saying and doing the right things? God desires to lead and guide you but is it really possible to learn to hear His voice accurately? Do you have what it takes to hear from God? The answer is YES, and it's easier than you think!

Learning to follow God's leading may seem difficult at times or even "hit-or-miss," but there is a way that you can train yourself to hear His voice and be confident that He is directing your steps. Reverend Larry Huggins reveals how you can involve God in your daily decisions, small and large, and through following God's leading on consistent basis, you will learn His ways and directives.

Reverend Huggins will help you uncover the various ways God leads His children including having faith in His world, recognizing His still small voice, the power of praying in the Spirit, and knowing how to ask questions so that you can understand the answers.

God is ready to give you guidance and help you in every decision. By learning to hear His voice and follow His leading, your spiritual and natural life will come up to a new level of success. Discover today The Easy Way to Walk in the Spirit


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