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Following the events included in the novel 666, this story, 1000, is the epic about the events during the rule and reign by Jesus Christ on this earth during the thousand-year-reign call the Millennium. The events follow up the 7 years of horrible suffering and destruction laid out by Brother Bartholomew, the Anti-christ.
Jesus Christ takes his rightful place in Jerusalem as King on earth. Satan has been bound throughout these 1000 years, but there are those who survived the tribulation period on earth and will be characters that interact with those who have returned victoriously to earth with Jesus. These "living believers" as they are called will exist with those "resurrected believers" who had been taken out of this earth during the tribulation period.
This book is designed to present a factual view of the events that take place following the judgment of this earth by God Himself and to outline the time of peace that will exist as Satan's influences have been removed. Ultimately, however, Satan will have one last attempt at thwarting God's plan as he is released at the end of the Millennium period and for a short time seeks to lead a rebellion against Jesus.

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