Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled CD Series - Kenneth Copeland

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“A world of trouble…”

That’s not just a figure of speech anymore. It’s a fact. You and I are living in a world full of some of the worst trouble mankind has ever seen.

People everywhere—many believers included—are running around wringing their hands, worrying about what to do. But there’s really no need for it. After all, Jesus has already told us what to do. He said, “Let not your heart be troubled” (John 14:11). —Kenneth Copeland

What circumstances are storming around you? Regardless of what storms are threatening you or the world around you, you can have perfect peace! In this powerful CD message, Kenneth Copeland shares Bible promises for living in peace, and practical steps you can take to keep your heart trouble free. Discover how to use your faith to navigate into the peace that passes understanding today! Rely on Jesus and Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled!

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