Now and Then, Again - Bonnie Hopkins

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Vann Sinclair is ready for a change. Now entering mid-life, she's ready to do for herself after years of doing for others. But they say when a person makes plans, God laughs. And this time, God's truly enjoying himself.

The serene life that Vann expected with her early retirement turns out to be just a dream. Not only is her spare time filled with friends and family who need Vann's cool head in times of trouble, but a handsome judge stirs her heart, allowing Vann to believe that a miracle may be in the works.

There is a reason for everything. The freedom that Vann thought she wanted permits her to commit in surprising ways. And by opening her fearful heart to the astonishing love of God, Vann finds unexpected wonders.

Mid-life does not mean life is over, and for Vann Sinclair life is about to take a completely unexpected turn - eventually for the best! Readers will enjoy Vann's mid-life crisis that turns into a true blessing.

It seems that God likes surprises and that's what Vann finds when she thinks her life is ready to wind down. Early retirement just means God s got something better for you to do. Readers will celebrate Vann's change of plans when she least expects it!


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