Marking Your Children for God: It's Best to Start Early— But It's Never Too Late! by Anne Gimenez

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How can we raise our children to love and serve God?

Must we allow teens to rebel and find their own way back to God?

There is an old saying, " a hundred years from now, it won't matter how much money you had in the bank, what kind of car you drove, or even how successful you were, but the world can be a better place, because you made a difference in the life of a child." The most significant achievements of our lifetime can all mean nothing when standing next to the spiritual legacy we leave our children and grandkids. There truly is no greater joy then to know your family carries the same mark of God on your life into the next generation.

No matter where your kids or grandkids are today in their faith in God, there is good news. It is never too late to begin and never too early to start to Mark Your Children for God! This book delivers practical advice and spiritual insight on how to parent your children in the Lord and if they have drifted away, how to believe God for their restoration! "Though its roots have grown old in the Earth and its stump decays, at the scent of water it will bud and spread again like a new seedling" (Job 14:8-9).

Anne Gimenez contends that a proactive faith with Biblical training will raise up our children as solid Christian men and women and a passive approach to parenting can leave kids vulnerable to the enemy. The Bible says, "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it." This book will help you to impart truth to your children and grandchildren that will so mark them for God that their lives will never be the same.


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