iGod: Prayers and Promises to Connect to You With Him by Dr. Josie Carr

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God is waiting to download insight to you for every situation. But how do you get what God has for you and what do you even say to connect with Him? Let iGod hook you up. Inside iGod you will find prayers written in God's code- the language of faith. They will help you connect with God in a way that He can answer you back. You can find whatever you need including confidence, money, health, safety, how to overcome mistakes, and how to achieve more at school, just to name a few. Plus, in "Now Playing" you ll discover God's wisdom for you life from the book of Proverbs, full of revelation on true success, relationships, how to manage your money, protection from temptation, and more. When you sync with these Scriptures, you will find how amazing God is on a personal level!

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