What is the HCSB Version all about?

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20 years ago, 100+ scholars from 17 denominations shared a Common Vision: to create an English translation meticulously faithful to the ancient Scriptures and exceptionally clear to understand With the benefit of up-to-date manuscript discoveries and significant advances in research, these translators, reviewers, and stylists exhaustively scrutinized ancient source texts—including the critical Greek text favored by scholars—to determine every nuance of original meaning and intent. The result was a Bible that not only shines by academic standards, but is also remarkably enjoyable to read:

That was the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

The Table below is showing the HCSB version placed alongside the Kjv version of the Bible


HCSB versus KJV


Many other details distinguish the HCSB from its peers. For example, the HCSB uses the name “Yahweh” where most other translations use “The LORD” when translating God’s name. 


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